By Jonathan Katz

How to Make Smoothies with Frozen Fruit

Is it possible to make a smoothie with frozen fruit? It is possible, but you need a good smoothie blender. There are concerns that adding frozen fruit to a blender could damage or break a blender and this is possible. It is important to do research on a prospective blender that you are considering purchasing for this exact reason. The reason that most fruits are frozen is because the water inside the fruit has frozen. 

When you are deciding what kinds of fruits to add to your smoothie it is important to consider how frozen the fruit will be. This can be determined by the amount of water that is in the fruit. Fruits that have a high amount of water include most melons and berries. It will be harder to blend these fruits and it will most likely end in your smoothie that has a good amount of clumps since it is harder to blend the fruits themselves.

If your blender is not strong enough to blend most frozen fruits consider fruits that have a smaller amount of water in them. Bananas, avocados, jackfruit, breadfruit, and passion fruit are some of the fruits we recommend. No surprise here that the absolute starchiest of the fruit kingdom are the least hydrating in their natural, freshly picked state. These fruits don’t freeze as well as other fruits and are way easier to blend because of this.

Another alternative is to thaw out your fruit before blending. Moving your frozen fruit into the fridge can allow it to thaw out and become softer. This process can take up to 8 hours so make sure to take your fruit out of the freezer a good amount of time before blending. You can also take your fruit out of the freezer and leave it in a bowl of warm water for a short amount of time. We recommend doing this in room temperature water so as to not overheat your fruit. If you are in a big hurry you can put your frozen fruit in the microwave but don’t do this for too long because you might ruin your fruit by overheating it.

Of course all of this process can be avoided if you invest in a blender that is able to blend ice. If you are considering purchasing a blender with this capability we highly recommend the BLENDi Pro. The BLENDi Pro can blend any frozen fruit in under 10 second and can do so without leaving any clumps or chunks.


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