How to Make an Amazing Smoothie Bowl Every Time

How to Make an Amazing Smoothie Bowl Every Time

Smoothie bowls can be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals from fresh ingredients. A smoothie bowl has a base of a smoothie with added toppings to add more flavor and extra sources of nutrients.In this short article we will go over our recommendations for smoothie bowl bases and extra toppings that you can add to make sure that you make the best smoothie bowl every time.

Preparing your smoothie bowl requires a solid smoothie base. This can be done in any standard blender. We recommend using the BLENDi Pro or the BLENDi Original because the spout top is perfect for pouring your smoothie into the bowl. Our favorite blend for a smoothie base is to use ½ a cup of strawberries, ½ a cup of blueberries or acai, and ½ a banana for the fruit portion and add a tablespoon of peanut butter and ¼ cup of almond milk for extra flavor. You can use any fruits or vegetables that you like to make your smoothie base but we recommend not adding too much liquid to your blend just so it comes out slushy, kind of like the texture of yogurt.

Once you have all your ingredients for the base blended up into that creamy texture pour it out into a small bowl. This is when we recommend you get creative with your toppings. Our favorite is banana slices lining one side, with a large scoop of almond butter on the inside topped with coconut flakes. However, any toppings that you want to add will be perfect too. If you want to treat yourself consider adding dark chocolate chips to your smoothie bowl.

And that’s it! Smoothie bowls allow you to be as creative as you want while still having a healthy and nutritious snack. For more healthy and nutritious blogs feel free to check out!

By: Sam Taub

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