BLENDi - A Four year Journey

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October 2016
Our first prototype

I worked with an engineer at Western New England University to make our first prototype. We took a $15 Walmart blender and a drill. We stripped the insides of the blender and hooked up the drill battery on the inside and attached it to the motor. Then we push the trigger on the outside and when pressed it would rev the blender. PROOF THAT A PORTABLE BLENDER COULD WORK!!

April 2017
Second prototype

Second prototype developed by one of two UMass teams I worked with to create a more working and manufacturable prototype. They got it right on and they created the plans and groundwork to make it ready for manufacturing

August 2018
Finished Product and First Units (300)

The final product was in hand! Over two years of development later and we got our first 300 units in. We sold out in 4 months and became cash positive in 6 months. debuting this product was one of the proudest moments in MY LIFE.