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The BLENDi™ Portable Blender is cordless, portable, and powerful. Our 17 oz portable blender is small enough to fit in any bag or purse and can blend a smoothie in seconds!

No more clumpy mixes – make protein shakes, salad dressings, ice cold margaritas, and press down the button; instantly creating silky-smooth results every time.

Once you’re done fully convert it into a functional water bottle that can be easily transported.

BLENDi Pro+ Details

  • Capacity: 520 ML (17.58 oz) in travel bottle
  • Travel bottle conversion: Convert into a 17.5 oz water bottle with the travel bottle accessory
  • Comes with blade cover
  • Ultra Safe: blade cover accessory to protect exposed blades. 
  • Material: BPA Free cylinder
  • Self-cleaning
  • Power: 120W

        • CRUSHES ICE
        • BPA FREE
        • NO CORDS

        Introducing the BLADE COVER (NEW)

        • Fits on the Blending Base

          While youre BLENDi is water bottle form you can effectively cover the blending blades

        • Use As Storage Container

          Screw the blade cover and water bottle conversion together to create a storage container to take with you anywehre


        Find the most frequently asked questions below.

        The BLENDi Pro+ is the most portable blender ever. It comes with two attachments that come together to create a travel case. When apart you can take the travel bottle bottom to convert BLENDi into a 17.5 oz water bottle. Then screw the blade cover to the exposed blades and throw it in your carrying bag. 

        It comes with two primary attachments, the travel bottle conversion bottom and blade cover. It also comes with a charging cord and carrying strap.

        Yes, it can! we recommend putting liquid in it as well to blend.

        Yes, ice will usually be crushed within 1-2 blends. We recommend only 2 ice cubes.

        It can be used 10-15 times (each 20-second blend) for a whole charge

        No, it can not be used while charging!

        It's quiet enough that if you were to use it in the kitchen or isolated room, then no one would be able to hear it outside of that room.

        Yes, the BLENDi can crush ice well, it should be no problem to make ice coffee.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 529 reviews
        laiane galhardo
        In love it

        I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase and my portable blender

        valerie white
        Perfect present for my college freshman granddaughter

        She loves the ease of the product

        Great customer service

        Purchased 2 blenders when it was featured on GMA recently. I received my order very quickly. Upon receipt, I had questions. My email was responded to right away. I had a few back and forth emails with Jon, he's the best!

        Elizabeth Swezey
        I Love The Blendi

        I purchased the Blendi for my college aged daughter. She absolutely loved it.

        Louise Melhus
        we love it

        bought this for my daughter that is studying abroad in Italy..She didn’t want a blender and i saw this advertised. Its super easy and convenient for her to use because she only needs the USB cable. She loves it

        Don't Just Take it From Us

        • ★★★★★

          “Crushes Ice with Ease!!”

          “I love the Blendi Pro. It holds a ton of volume. I it has no trouble crushing ice and frozen fruit. ”

          - Andre L
        • ★★★★★

          “Handy to have”

          “Crushes a few ice and perfect for my smoothie to go.”

          - Nicole Y
        • ★★★★★

          “Covid unit loves Blendi”

          “I purchased a Blendi and love that I can make a quick smoothie while on the run in our COVID unit. ”

          - Sheryl L
        • ★★★★★

          “A quote from a customer or staff member can help show of your products' unique selling points.”

        • ★★★★★

          “Best purchase I made lately!!!!”

          “Tkae it on camping and to the gym.”

          Eric M