• Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz
  • Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz

Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz

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Cutting the cord on traditional blending since 2016

Blend whenever, wherever you want! The BLENDi Pro allows you to be able to crush ice, blend fruit, and cut up leafy greens.

Being able to have healthy meals just got a whole lot easier. Take the BLENDi with you in the car, to work, to the game, or even on vacation. Its lightweight and cordless design are perfect for meals on the GO!

        • CRUSHES ICE
        • BPA FREE
        • NO CORDS

        Introducing the BLADE COVER (NEW)

        • Fits on the Blending Base

          While youre BLENDi is water bottle form you can effectively cover the blending blades

        • Use As Storage Container

          Screw the blade cover and water bottle conversion together to create a storage container to take with you anywehre


        Find the most frequently asked questions below.

        Yes it can! we reccommend puting liquid in it as well to blend.

        Yes, ice will usually be crushed within 1-2 blends. We recommend only 2 ice cubes.

        It can be used 10-15 times (each 20-second blend) for a whole charg

        BLENDi is built to last with premium materals.

        Below are 4 reasons…

        - Tighten the cup body to blending base
        - Fruit or vegetables are too big, please cut the contents into small pieces.
        - Add some liquid to run more smoothly.
        - The blades are blocked, shake the container then turn on again

        The default blend time is 20s, and stops in 5s when it senses an empty bottle. If you need to blend longer then simply turn on again.

        It's quiet enough that if you were to use it in the kitchen or isolated room, then no one would be able to hear it outside of that room.

        Yes the BLENDi can crush ice well, it should be no problem to make ice coffee.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 517 reviews
        laiane galhardo
        In love it

        I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase and my portable blender

        Michael Sanders

        Blendi is okay. The power is average to below average. The size is equally small and is probably more fitting for an up and coming fashion model that limits her/him self to 750 calories a day. My daughter will probably want it when she stops by. I’ll get her comments. Keep on…


        The only bad thing I would say about my second bought Blender (broke the top of the first) is I wish there was a bigger one. I use it everyday and it blends my smoothies perfectly.
        Actually just thought of another (kind of) bad thing. I wish that it plugged in so it would not die on me suddenly. Granted I would then lose the ease of travelling with it but still.

        All around great product. I recommend it to everyone that asks.


        Beverly Taylor
        Love my Blendi

        Works great!
        Makes quick easy yummy smoothies.

        Tammy Bauer

        Pro+ (NEW 2022) 17.5 oz

        Don't Just Take it From Us

        • ★★★★★

          “Crushes Ice with Ease!!”

          “I love the Blendi Pro. It holds a ton of volume. I it has no trouble crushing ice and frozen fruit. ”

          - Andre L
        • ★★★★★

          “Handy to have”

          “Crushes a few ice and perfect for my smoothie to go.”

          - Nicole Y
        • ★★★★★

          “Covid unit loves Blendi”

          “I purchased a Blendi and love that I can make a quick smoothie while on the run in our COVID unit. ”

          - Sheryl L
        • ★★★★★

          “A quote from a customer or staff member can help show of your products' unique selling points.”

        • ★★★★★

          “Best purchase I made lately!!!!”

          “Tkae it on camping and to the gym.”

          Eric M