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Pro+ Portable Blender (17oz)

Blend Anywhere, Anytime

  • Ice Crushing Power (120W)
  • Fits in any bag or purse
  • No more clumpy mixes
  • Convert to a water bottle with extra pieces

Make protein shakes, smoothies, and ice cold mixed drinks
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Color: Rose Red
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Built for Ice Crushing Power


Blend whenever, wherever with the touch of a button and no cords. No more clumpy mixes, congealed smoothies, and settling for unhealthy meals. Mix protein powders, chop frozen fruit, and even crush ice. When you’re done, fully convert it into a functional water bottle that can be easily transported.





Charge Time / Uses

5 hr / 15

Weight / Dimensions

1.6 lbs / 9in Height , 3in diameter

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Blend Frozen Fruits

Mix Frozen Drinks

Crush Ice

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Based on 2941 reviews
The product did not turn on

Hi dear

The product did not turn on.
I charged it because I thought that was the issue, but it wasn't.
It's a shame because it's beautiful and practical.
I was eagerly waiting for it to make my video

Love the color!

The Hydroluxe 20oz water bottle is good looking! It has a really pretty wood top and a comfortable silicone loop handle. I have this brand of bottle in the 17 oz size and I prefer the smaller size, which is so sleek looking. I got it in white and it's already a bit scuffed up after one, day-long outing, which is a bummer because I do love it. I'll have to see how this one (in Mint color) does any better, but I'm a little doubtful. I usually buy stainless steel finished bottles because of issues with paint chipping off, or bad scuffing up of the colorful wrap material that's used. I need to take care with these, because of the wood top, too. We'll see how I feel after months of use of these bottles....

My water stays so cold!!!

I love this reusable stainless steel bottle. The color and design are great. The wooden screw top lid is so unique and stylish. The loop on top is great for hook it it to my bag or bike... etc. Stainless steel is very easy to clean and won't absorb smells should I choose to use this for mire then water. It keeps my water nice and cold no matter how long I am out and about. I like using this even when I'm at home because it is spill proof. I have 3 young kids and 2 mischievous cats, spill proof is a must!!! This bottle has been a great find. This bottle is good quality and comparable I price to similar products but with much better style!! Highly recommend!!!

Good Quality

I absolutely love the Hydroluxe Eco-Friendly BPA Free 20oz Water Bottle. It arrived in great condition with minimal packaging and had no strange odors or chemical-like smells.

The size is true to its description, measuring 4"W x 10"H and holding up to 20 ounces of liquid. It's not too heavy, but not too light either. It feels great in the hand and is not too bulky.

The cap is easy to use, with a twist-off design that is easy to clean by hand. I love how it keeps my drink cool for up to 24 hours.

The durability is excellent, and so far the outer color has not chipped, scratched or flaked.

I highly recommend this water bottle.


very tasteful dual layered vacuum bottle. the powder coat is nice and smooth, the color really pops, and the cap is a nice wooden material. the cap, however, is the only flaw for this bottle. the cap is such that it is hard to twist close the cap tightly. of the cap were to sit flush with the bottle neck lip, it would be perfect

Do you really want your lips on that?

The bottle is a beautiful color! Good-quality stainless steel does not make the bottle very heavy or feel like you can squish it. The design is unique and has brought several compliments, especially with the wood cap.
Here are a few things to consider. The way the bottle is designed means you are putting your lips onto the outside of the bottle to take a sip. At first, I didn't give this much thought until I brought it to the beach and realized a bit of sand was in my mouth when I took a drink. After realizing this, it occurred to me that throwing this in a bag, in the car, rolling on the ground, or just picking it up with dirty hands lends itself to having you put germs or whathave you in your mouth. I am not good with this.
The second thing to consider is the wood cap. It has a great look, but after a day in the sun at the beach and a few washes in the dishwasher, the wood starts to dry out and does not look like it will last long. The description does say "not dishwasher safe," but I wanted to test this out, and although the bottle seemed to do well, the cap did not.
Ultimately, it is a stylish, beautiful-looking bottle - but I am not sure I would purchase it again given the issues presented.

Interesting Bottle

This is a bottle that keeps my drinks cold and starts conversations at the same time. It looks different than most bottles out there so it does get comments but the most important thing is that it works and doesn’t leak.

Cute vibrant color

I love the color. It's very vibrant and bright blue. It's ver sleek and chic design.


😊Cool wooden lid
😊Solid construction
😊Stainless steel liner
😊Silicone handle and seal
😊Ideal size for most people
😊Aesthetically pleasing design
😊Drinking opening is ideal size for cup-style drinking
😊If you're not into the variety of suck hole designs, this could be for you

😒It's a bit on the pricey side
😒I'm not wild about the (mint) color to be honest
😒A silicone base/bottom would be nice - but there is none
😒Due to small neck, it may be harder to clean than other water bottles
😒There is no taper on the bottom which may make it hard to fit in some cup holders

Overall, this water bottle is for a certain person who needs to make a bit of a fashion statement while still having a practical vessel for staying hydrated. Namaste.

stars Pretty

The blue color is as pictured, and very pretty. This is a nice, sturdy water bottle. I didn't get any washing instructions with it ... A word of caution: the lid is not dishwasher safe. I put both parts in there before first use and the lid had water stuck inside.

Nice design

This is a new design and i like how sleek it is. Very good quality. Keeps my drink cold for a long time.

Awesome bottle

I love how these bottles are small. I don't need a giant jug of water to carry around constantly. This is an easily managed size and I can fill it up whenever I need more water. Color is amazing. I love how the lid looks like cork. This is a basic bottle, but just so great.
Item reviewed: Hydroluxe 20oz Water Bottle - Eco-Friendly, BPA Free, 18/8 Powder Coated Stainless Steel, 24 hour Cold Insulating Technology, Leak Proof Lid - For Gym, Office, Travel Use or Gifting (Mint) by Blendi

Works well

I am keeping this full of water and in the refrigerator ready to go when I am. I prefer no ice so this model works well for me. I love the wooden top it has. Adds a bit of flair to an otherwise boring bottle.

My go to

I got this bottle to be my go-to water bottle. I had one previously but needed something a bit bigger that wasn't "stanley" big and this works. I like the size and design of it and the top opening is not too narrow that it makes it difficult to clean like my last one. I like that it has a loop on the top but it kind of gets in the way if I need to lay the top down. If it was removable, that would be awesome! Otherwise, I like it. It keeps my cold drinks (the only thing I would use it for) for at least 24 hours from what I can tell so far.

Very nice bottle

I bought this for my teen daughter as she's begun working out regularly and she really likes it. It is cool looking, has a pretty blue color, is small enough to fit into the water bottle spot on our treadmill and seems very well-made. I ran the bottle only, (not the top, I think the top has real wood in it) through the dishwasher and it came out great.

Nice water bottle

I like the look and feel of this water bottle…it’s a good size…not too small, not too big. It’s a little difficult to open and close due to the fact that the screw on lid is recessed, and there’s not enough to hold onto to be comfortable.

Good water bottle.

This is a great water bottle for anyone. I like the design which keeps the bottle from tipping over (which we all know makes a very loud and obnoxious sound!). The lid is a little different and I'm not crazy about the way you have to insert it, instead of it just fitting n top, but I do like the little loop for carrying or clipping it on to your bag with a caribiner or something. The color is fabulous--an intense mint green.

Teal handle doesn't match bottle perfectly

This is a great water bottle in terms of quality. The metal is thick and the powder coating is beautiful. The only thing I don't love is the silicone rubber loop handle at the top is a different teal than the bottle. The bottle itself has a little bit more blue where as the handle has a green undertone. At the price point of this water bottle those should match. That is the difference between a high and low quality item.

The wood top is nice, although I do wish it was a little bit thicker. The top is plastic which screws into the metal threaded water bottle.

Nice Looking, Keeps Liquid Cold

This water bottle is perfect for the gym and the car. I love the color and the Acacia wood trim on the cap is really nice looking. Cap screws on easily and is leak free. I filled the water bottle with a cold shake and it was still as cold 6 hours later. The tab on the cap makes it easy to carry. It is a high quality water bottle.

Something was broken inside mine

This is a very nice looking water bottle in person and I was so excited to start using it. Unfortunately, the one I received made a loud rattling sound when I picked it up. I flipped it over and looked inside but there's absolutely nothing on the inside of the bottle. There's clearly a little piece of something (?) loose inside the walls of the bottle that is banging around. Since I don't know what it is, I don't feel comfortable drinking out of the bottle in case it's something toxic. Like it's probably fine, but I'm just not going to drink out of a water bottle that arrived with a mystery shard inside it. Otherwise the bottle looks great so I'm bummed.

Keeps the temp

My daughter loves the color. Liked the handle. Keeps the water cool. Durable material but not too heavy

Absolutely LOVE!

My sons favorite colors are blue and green. So what better color than this teal blue. Our family doesn't use plastic so to find a cork screw top on a stainless steel cup was a BIG WIN in our book! This is the perfect size to bring to school, roadtrips, sporting events etc it's lightweight easy to carry from the the loop on the work screw topper. BTW the top is a screw in so it's non spillage and mess free. The top does pop in and out like a cork on a wine bottle. Fyi!

Nice, stylish and elegant water bottle with real wood top.

There are a million water bottles out there. Most have food-grade stainless-steel interiors and stay cold for a long time. This Blendi Hydroluxe is nicer than my other bottles and differentiates by getting rid of most of the plastic and using real wood in the top. The colors are powder-coated on... Powder coating is very tough, that's what's on your clothes dryer/washing machine and how it stays nice through tons of use. So should this bottle. The Blendi is also pretty stylish and elegant overall... actual wood and steel.

BLEND in Croatia

Thanks to friends in the US BLENDi arrived in Croatia. I bought it so that I could make smoothies at work and while I'm not at home. I am very satisfied with its practicality because it fits in a bag.

In love it

I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase and my portable blender