How to Use

How to Use your BLENDi 

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Before using the BLENDi for the first time, make sure the battery is fully charged (it will display "FU" aka FULL). Do not charge past “FU” and or past 5 hours. CRITICAL. Next, rinse out the BLENDi by putting water in and turning on the BLENDi.

Step 1: Remove lid and put ingredients into BLENDi. We suggest not filling it past the BLENDi logo on the plastic container to avoid the "ER" error.

Step 2: After adding ingredients and liquid of choice, make sure there's room left on top. Hit the button to start blending.

Step 3:  It might take 1 or 3 blends depending on the contents you put in the BLENDi. If you get an "ER" code it might mean it's too full. Regardless, you can keep pressing the power button to blend.

Step 4: To clean, put water and soap and turn on the blending function. DO NOT put any part in the dishwasher.


More Info: BLENDi is NOT liable for any customer's mal-use or accident that occurs with the BLENDi. Let this guide serve as the extent to how to use your BLENDi. If you have any questions on how to use your BLENDi, please email