How to Use

How to Use your BLENDi 


Before using your BLENDi for the first time, make sure the battery is fully charged (it will display "FL" (FULL)). To charge, make sure the USB side is plugged in, then take the micro USB cord and plug it into the smaller charging port located below the power button. Next, rinse out your BLENDi by putting water in and blending up.

Step 1: Once your BLENDi is fully charged, remove the lid and put ingredients in. It will blend best with a liquid present in the mix.
Step 2: After adding ingredients and liquid of choice, make sure there's room left on top. Hit the power button to start blending.
Step 3: Depending on the contents, 1-2 blends might be needed.
Troubleshooting: If displaying an error code ("EL") it might mean the BLENDi is too full, or the battery is low. To solve, either charge the battery or empty some contents and turn it on again. Repeat until it fully blends.


Step 4: To clean, put water and soap and turn on the blending function. DO NOT put any part in the dishwasher.

Optional Step:

To convert your BLENDi into a water bottle, flip it upside down, screw off the blending base, and screw on the travel bottle conversion base. Now that the blades are exposed, screw on the blade cover attachment to the blending base.

(1) Do NOT put hot liquids in the BLENDi, they can melt the BPA-free plastic.

(2) To properly wash your blender, pour one drop of liquid dish detergent into the container base. Then fill one-third of the blender with warm water and secure the lid, and blend for the full 20-second cycle. Finally, rinse the container and lid thoroughly with water and wipe dry.

(3) Do NOT place any piece in the dishwasher.

(4) Do NOT place utensils in the blender when the motor is running.

(5) Do NOT place your hand into the blender at any moment.

(6) Do NOT blend extremely dense foods for more than three blends in quick succession, more prolonged blending will increase the chances of your blender overheating.


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