• Blend On-The-Go

    The BLENDi gives you 15 full blends (20 seconds per blend) on one charge, allowing you to sip and blend anywhere.

  • Make a Smoothie in Seconds

    With one full blend you'll be able to crush ice and slice through fruits to create your favorite smoothie.

  • Largest Portable Blender(17.5)

    The BLENDi Pro is the largest portable blender EVER. Blend up a smoothie in our 17.5 oz. BPA FREE cup.

  • Portable & Safe

    Never deal with exposed blades again with the NEW blade cover. The water bottle conversion allows you to go from blending bottle to water bottle.

  • Ice Crushing Power

    Within 20 seconds blend anything from powders, to chopping vegetables, and even CRUSH Ice.

  • Crushes Ice with Ease!!

    I love the Blendi Pro. It holds a ton of volume. I it has no trouble crushing ice and frozen fruit. This is great because all the portable blenders I’ve seen get stuck on the frozen stuff.

    - Andre

  • Covid unit loves Blendi

    I purchased a Blendi and love that I can make a quick smoothie while on the run in our COVID unit. Somedays we don’t even have time to eat and the Blendi was a great addition to my day.

    - Sheryl

  • LOVE IT!

    Ordered this for my daughter and she absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for providing such a great product.

    - Dyana

  • Handy to have

    Crushes a few ice and perfect for my smoothie to go.

    - Jess

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  • Our First Prototype (October 2016)

    We took a $15 Walmart blender and a drill. We stripped the insides of the blender and hooked up the drill battery to the motor and attached the trigger to the battery. When you would push the trigger on the outside it would rev the blades. PROOF THAT A PORTABLE BLENDER COULD WORK!!

  • Second Prototype (April 2017)

    Our Second prototype developed by one of two UMass teams I worked with to create a more working and manufacturable prototype. They got it right on and created the plans that laid the groundwork to make it ready for manufacturing

  • First 300 units (August 2018)

    After over two years of engineering we solidified our final prototype and manufactured our first 300 units. We sold out in 4 months and became cash positive in 6 months. Debuting this product was one of the proudest moments in MY LIFE.

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