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"Being able to take and use the Blendi Pro while out and about makes it a super-convenient kitchen device."

Ellen McAlpine from CNN

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Jennifer Herrmann

love the Blendi

I love the Blendi. If you’re in a hurry, take it on the run”

Diana Ashcroft

Worth the investment

I bought the BLENDi because its competitor only lasted 3 blends and didnt crush ice. Worth the investment


Crushes ice

Crushes ice, and perfect for my smoothie to go.

Sebastian Brunell

cut above the rest

BLENDi is a cut above the rest..

Stacey Aguilar

The Best Portable Blender

BLENDi is the best portable blender.

Andre Levesque

Perfect single-serve blender

Perfect single-serve smoothie I bought this to blend up smoothies before work and for a quick meal.

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How We Created the Original Portable Blender