By Jonathan Katz

There’s only one water botle that turns into a blender – BLENDi

Blendi (Brookline, MA) seems averse to providing just one
function for its portable BENDi blenders. They come with
what the company elegantly calls a “water botle conversion
base”. More simply, when the blender’s botle is unscrewed
from its base, it’s a cap that screws on the base end of the
botle. That cap also fits a double-purpose small jar shape
that can either screw onto the cap become a travel container
or screw onto the base to become a blade guard.
“It’s not just for water,” observes Blendi CEO Jonathan Katz.
“It can also hold what you just blended – maybe to keep salad
dressing or salsa or baby food in the fridge, for example – and
we make all of these things available as accessories for
people who want to have more than one.”
The BLENDi Pro+ 17-ounce portable blender ($59.99) and/or
water botle fit standard vehicle cupholders.
The new BLENDi X 24-ounce portable blender ($79.99) is larger and offers increased power and speed plus
a pulse mode.

Both have a no-mess spout top with an extra D-loop keeper to prevent an accidental press on the flip-
open buton from turning into an accident.

BLENDi blenders can crush an ice cube or two in 1-2 blend runs. They can handle fresh, dried or frozen
fruits (cut into sensible sizes), vegetables, peppers, many kinds of liquid ingredients (water, milk, oil,
vinegar, fruit juices and more), yogurt, ice cream or sherbet (faster if softened), powders, cereal, even
chocolate (and other) chips.


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