By Jonathan Katz

Two ways buyers get more range with BLENDi

Blendi (Brookline, MA) keeps expanding the range of its BLENDi portable
blender product offerings in multiple ways. They now come in 2 sizes –
and, including available colors, a total of 17 choices. “It’s not just about
size,” says Blendi CEO Jonathan Katz. “Our new BLENDi X also has more
power, higher speed and a new pulse mode so preparing bigger portions
doesn’t need to take a long time.”
The original BLENDi Pro+ 17-ounce portable blender ($59.99) can fit
standard cupholders and is available in 10 colors: black, turquoise,
white, blush, rose red, lime, lavender, navy blue or hot pink. The new
BLENDi X 24-ounce portable blender ($79.99) is available in 7 colors:
black, white, mint, turquoise, pink, purple and forest green. Either one
can turn ice cubes into crushed ice. Every BLENDi can convert to a water
botle or a travel container, comes with a protective blade cover and has
a no-mess spout top with an extra D-loop keeper to prevent an
accidental press on the flip-open buton from turning into an accident.
BLENDi portable blenders can handle fresh, dried or frozen fruits (cut into sensible sizes), vegetables,
peppers, many kinds of liquid ingredients(water, milk, oil, vinegar, fruit juices and more), yogurt, ice cream
or sherbet (let them soften), powders, cereal, even chocolate (and other) chips. They can make smoothies,
shakes, frozen cocktails or mocktails, salad dressing, salsa, frozen coffee, baby food, crushed ice and more.
That’s a broader range of performance than most other batery portable blenders can offer.


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