By Jonathan Katz

Childhood to adulthood, BLENDi is a blender for the ages

Blendi (Brookline, MA) believes that portable blender designs should
be able to prepare foods suitable for people of any age, and that this
manifests most strongly in the smoothness of foods that they produce.
“It’s not just about smoothies,” says Blendi CEO Jonathan Katz. “When
food can be made with fresh ingredients, nutritional values tend to be
beter. Think about baby food, or about food for elderly people who
face challenges with chewing. Healthy adults who turn to smoothies
for enhancing nutrition while controlling calories may be designed for
greater success if those smoothies are more flavorful. More flavor with
less added sweetness can also be good for kids. So, while frozen coffee
or frozen cocktails may seem to be adults-only beverages, the BLENDi
blender that makes them is much more than an adults-only appliance.”
BLENDi blenders can also make salsa, salad dressing, fruit drinks, milk
drinks, shakes and more.
Both sizes of BLENDi blenders offer this flexibility. The BLENDi Pro+ 17-ounce portable blender ($59.99)
motor can deliver 120 Wats of power at a7,000 RPM. The bigger, newer BLENDi X 24-ounce portable

blender ($79.99) delivers 150 Wats at 20,000 RPM and adds a pulse mode. With 6 premium stainless-
steel blades, they provide extraordinary smoothing to every ingredient.

Every BLENDi can also convert to a water botle or a travel container, comes with a protective blade cover
and has a no-mess spout top with an extra D-loop keeper to prevent an accidental press on the flip-open
buton from turning into an accident.


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