By Jonathan Katz

The Dos and Don’t of Making a Smoothie with/without a BLENDi

The Do's and Don'ts of Making a Smoothie with/without a BLENDi

Sure you can blend up a fruit smoothie with random ingredients. However is that always good for you or should you use or not use a specific ingredient. Well tell you some basic rules of Do's and Don'ts in this guide for making your smoothie without the BLENDi and for the BLENDi. 


  1. Do use fresh or frozen ingredients. Frozen fruits and veggies have all the same nutrients as fresh and are less expensive.
  2. Use ice, it can make the smoothie more voluminous and hearty. The BLENDi can also effectively crush the ice
  3. Do use fresh juices in your smoothies. fresh juice has many benefits! It is full of living enzymes, helps with detoxification, and is an excellent way to add foods like ginger and carrots to your smoothie.
  4. Do choose smoothies for a refreshing snack or breakfast item, or an after-work picker-upper.
  5. BLENDi Specific: Fill the smoothie ingredients to about halfway up the container and add some liquid as well. Blend it then you always add more after blended. 


  1. Don’t just throw random ingredients in. Either use our BLENDi recipe book or use recipes you’ve found online. There’s usually a reason why some ingredients are paired together. 
  2. Don’t use too many juice or fruits. Balance it out with greens or yogurt. Too much juice or fruit can cause the smoothie to be filled with lots of sugar/carbs which can cause you to have a sugar spike and crash. 
  3. Don’t use protein powders or raw eggs. These two can be hard to digest and assimilate in your body to be broken down with the rest of the ingredients in your smoothie. 
  4. Don’t choose syrup made smoothies. Try to find a smoothie shop that uses whole fruits instead of pre-made mixes or make your own at home.
  5. BLENDi Specific: Don’t fill up the BLENDi all the way up with ingredients. Blend smaller portions. It can jam the BLENDi


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