By Jonathan Katz

New 24-ounce BLENDi X portable blends more, blends beter with 20,000 RPM and pulse mode.

The new and bigger BLENDi X portable rechargeable
blender ($79.99) boasts a 24-ounce capacity, a 20,000

RPM motor and a pulse mode. It’s today’s largest ice-
crushing portable blender. It’s available in 7 colors: black,

white, mint, turquoise, pink, purple and forest green. It
joins the original BLENDi Pro+ 17-ounce portable blender
($59.99), now available in 10 colors.
Every BLENDi can convert to a water botle or a travel
container, comes with a protective blade cover and has a
no-mess spout top with an extra D-loop keeper to
prevent accidental open-lid messes.
“Boosting the capacity to 24 ounces,” explains Blendi CEO
Jonathan Katz, “can only make sense with a faster and
stronger motor. That also gave us a chance to add a pulse
mode. But the result is still pure BLENDi.”
Every BLENDi can handle vegetables, fresh, dried or frozen fruits (cut into sensible sizes), many kinds of
liquid ingredients (water, milk, oil, vinegar, fruit juices and more), yogurt, ice cream or sherbet (let it
soften), powders, cereal, even chocolate (and other) chips. It can make those into smoothies, shakes,
frozen cocktails or mocktails, salad dressing, salsa, frozen coffee, baby food and more.
To clean a BLENDi without waiting for the next time the dishwasher runs, just add some water and a drop
of liquid soap, touch the buton and watch it work like its own dishwasher – then rinse, dry, done.


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