BLENDi boosts batery and blades to blend blenderrifically beter

BLENDi boosts batery and blades to blend blenderrifically beter
Blendi (Brookline, MA) seldom spotlights the tech-
centric elements of its portable BLENDi blenders,

yet there’s a purpose to their design that makes a
difference in the end user’s experience, not to
mention the smoothies, shakes, frozen cocktails or
mocktails, salad dressing, salsa, frozen coffee or
baby food it produces.
The original BLENDi Pro+ 17-ounce blender
($59.99) applies 120 Wats of power to spinning its
purpose-designed premium stainless-steel blades
at 17,000 RPM. It can crush ice. It charges from
empty to full in 3-5 hours, good for 10-15 blender
runs each 20 seconds long. The new BLENDi X 24-
ounce portable blender ($79.99) uses 150 Wats to
reach 20,000 RPM and adds a pulse mode.
The blended results are completely smooth, even including blackberry or raspberry seeds that often
provide the sensation of sand or grit on the tongue when prepared by other portable blenders.
Also, every BLENDi can convert to a water botle or a travel container, comes with a protective blade cover
and has a no-mess spout top with an extra D-loop keeper to keep an accidental press on the flip-open
buton from turning into an accident.

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