By Jonathan Katz

When it comes to smoothies, BLENDi is one smooth operator

As people prepare smoothies, they may judge their results by the
sound of the blender or the visual swirl of the preparation. Blendi
(Brookline, MA) suggests that these may hide a difference that the
tongue can easily detect. “How smooth,” asks Blendi CEO Jonathan
Katz, “are the rough spots? Do berry seeds feel grity on the tongue?
You want smoothie, not sandy. That’s not easy.”
For BLENDi blenders, the design of the blades in concert with the
power and the speed of the motor get metaculous atention. While
these are batery-operated portable blenders, they’re fully capable
of transforming ice cubes into crushed ice but are so quiet that the
next room won’t hear them running.
They can handle vegetables, fresh, dried or frozen fruits (cut into
sensible sizes), many kinds of liquid ingredients (water, milk, oil,
vinegar, fruit juices and more), yogurt, ice cream or sherbet (faster if
you let it soften), powders, cereal, even chocolate (and other) chips.
There are two families of BLENDi blenders: the BLENDi Pro+ 17-ounce portable blender ($59.99) and the
new BLENDi X 24-ounce portable blender ($79.99) with a faster motor (20,000 RPM) and a pulse mode.
BLENDi blenders also do more to prevent spills at every point that spills often happen with other brands;

for example, its no-mess spout top has an extra D-loop “keeper” to prevent an accidental press on its flip-
open buton from turning into an accident. Also, every BLENDi can convert to a water botle or a travel

container and comes with a protective blade cover.
Any BLENDi blender already smooths more than other batery blenders, but if while blending you want to
shake things up even more, go ahead and shake it while it’s running. (Hint: a slight slant can help it agitate
more fully).


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