Frequently Asked Questions - BLENDi 

Question:What should I do before 1st use?

Answer: Fully charge the BLENDi, charging time is 3-5 hours or until it displays “FL”.

Question: Why is my BLENDi not turning on after fully charging?

Answer: Below are 4 reasons…

  1. Tighten the cup body to blending base
  2. Fruit or vegetables are too big, please cut the contents into small pieces.
  3. Add some liquid to run more smoothly.
  4. The blades are blocked, shake the container then turn on again.

Question: What does EL mean

Answer: For EL it can mean a variety of things Either it’s too full It’s stuck, or not charged enough

Question: Why does my BLENDi only run for a few seconds then shut off?

Answer: The default blend time is 20s, and stops in 5s when it senses an empty bottle. If you need to blend longer then simply turn on again.

Question: Can I put ice in this smoothie blender?

Answer: Yes, ice will usually be crushed within 1-2 blends. We recommend only 2 ice cubes. 

Question: Can I use it while charging?

Answer: Sorry, in order to protect the machine, the BLENDi will not turn on while charging, please use it after being fully charged.

Question: Does the BLENDi cut up a small whole apple, or would I need to slice the apple up in small pieces before putting them in the machine?

Answer: You would definitely need to slice the apple up into very small pieces.

Question: Why is my BLENDi leaking

Answer: Could be a number of things. First make sure that the rubber seal is firmly in where its leaking. Second if you put it in the dishwasher then it could have caused warping and you would need to get a replacement part here



Question: How loud is it

Answer: It's quiet enough that if you were to use it in the kitchen or isolated room, then no one would be able to hear it outside of that room.

For example, use it in the break room at work

Question: How long do I need to hold the power button down to turn it on?

Answer:Once pressed once the BLENDi will turn on and stay turned on. No need to hold power button

Question:Can you make ice coffee in it?

Answer: Yes the BLENDi can crush ice well, it should be no problem to make ice coffee.

Question: How come my BLENDi only blends for 5-6 seconds

Answer: This can happen when there isn't much in it or if it's done blending. Additionally it could also happen if there is too much in it and it will blend for 5-6 seconds then show an ER code. 

Question: is it 14oz or 17oz?

Answer: Total 17.5 oz, 

Question: I wash and wipe the blender after each use however I find at the bottom there’s a black residue when wet from the grey part. Is this a hazard?

Answer:That may be mold or residue from water building up and not drying. Clean the blender fully and to let it dry, turn it upside down instead of right side up to air dry. This is how I dry my own and it doesn’t have any residue. Also, try cleaning it with liquid soap. I hope that helps.

Question:How long can this juicer cup be used?

Answer: It can be used 10-15 times (each 20-second blend) for a whole charge.

Question: Will it fit in a car cup holder?

Answer: Yes it fits in a standard vehicles cup holder

Question: Does it come with a charging cord and adapter?

Answer: It does come with a USB charger but not an adapter.

Question:Is the blade removeable?

Answer: No! It isn’t.

Question: Can I add milk to the portable blender or only water and ice?

Answer:Yes, you can add milk, yogurt, and water, you can add anything you want to drink.

Question: How long has this juicer lasted you? I’m seeing many portable blenders that stop working around the 1-3 months mark.

Answer: We spent considerable time choosing premium materials and parts  to build  your BLENDi Pro+ with. We have many customer who use their BLENDi for years. 

Question: Is it okay to shake it while blending?

Answer: Of course, a certain angle of inclination can make it agitate more fully.

Question: Will this work with leafy green smoothies? kale? Spinach 

Answer:It should work I've done it with frozen strawberries once it starts it should work.

Question: What indication that it is fully charged?

Answer:The display will read “FL