• What should I do before 1st use?

    Fully charge the BLENDi, charging time is 3-5 hours or until it displays “FU”. NEVER charge more than 5 hours

  • How much volume does it hold?

    The BLENDi Pro holds `17.5 ounces of liquid, which includes the spot top being on. from bottom of blending base to top of spout top its 17.5 oz.

  • How do I turn on?

    Simply press power button. some older models require you to hold power button for 5 seconds.

  • Why is my BLENDi not turning on after fully charging?

    Below are 4 reasons…

    - Tighten the cup body to blending base

    - Fruit or vegetables are too big, please cut the contents into small pieces.

    - Add some liquid to run more smoothly.

    - The blades are blocked, shake the container then turn on again.

  • Why does my BLENDi only run for a few seconds then shut off?

    The default blend time is 20s, and stops in 5s when it senses an empty bottle. If you need to blend longer then simply turn on again.

  • Does it crush ice

    Yes it can crush at least 2 ice cubes

  • Can I use it while charging?


  • Does the BLENDi cut up a small whole apple, or would I need to slice the apple up in small pieces before putting them in the machine?

    You would need to slice the apple up into very small pieces.

  • How loud is it

    It's quiet enough that if you were to use it in the kitchen or isolated room, then no one would be able to hear it outside of that room.

  • Can you make ice coffee in it?

    Yes the BLENDi can crush ice well, it should be no problem to make ice coffee.

  • I wash and wipe the blender after each use however I find at the bottom there’s a black residue when wet from the grey part. Is this a hazard?

    That may be mold or residue from water building up and not drying. Clean the blender fully and to let it dry, turn it upside down instead of right side up to air dry. This is how I dry my own and it doesn’t have any residue. Also, try cleaning it with liquid soap. I hope that helps.

  • How long does battery last

    10-14 full thirty second blends.

  • Will it fit in a car cup holder?

    Some Yes / Some no

  • Does it come with a charging cord ?


  • Is the blade removeable?

    No! It isn’t.

  • Can I add milk to the portable blender or only water and ice?

    You can add milk, yogurt, and water, you can add anything you want to drink.