Why Putting Collagen Amazon Powder Into My Portable Blender Improved My Healthy Lifestyle

Why Putting Collagen Amazon Powder Into My Portable Blender Improved My Healthy Lifestyle

  Changing my everyday routine into taking these supplements has made a major impact on my body. I have been taking extra strength collagen gummies every night along with adding unflavored collagen powder into my post workout smoothies. My collagen powder review and benefits consist of nothing but great things to say. I am pleased to admit that there were no collagen powder side effects and putting the collagen powder into my BLENDi after my workouts make my body feel less stressed and relived my muscle and joint pains. Collagen and biotin have its similarities, but I have taken biotin in the past and saw no benefits whatsoever. Switching to Collagen was the best decision I have ever made not only for my health but for beauty reasons.  The rumors about collagen and hair growth are true! Some people say they have experienced collagen hair loss but that was not my experience. My hair has never felt so healthy in my life and shockingly has grown an inch just in one month of implementing it into my health journey. My nails didn’t grow as much as my hair did, but they are healthier and stronger than before I took this supplement. Collagen also cleared up my skin leaving it hydrated, clear and wrinkle free. I have never felt so confident in my skin, and my body feels amazing because collagen is also a dietary supplement. Collagen vastly improved my gut health and made sure my food is digested the right way. I am thankful for my BLENDi during times like these because BLENDi makes being healthy easy. Something I will be experimenting with is trying collagen tea, collagen eye patches, collagen coffee creamer and collagen moisturizer. Make sure you are subscribed so you won’t miss out on the rest of my collagen research, reviews, and experimentations!

By: Katie Nestor

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