By Jonathan Katz

BLENDi has a crush on your cool

Portable blenders are expectation upenders when it comes to cooling what you
prep because they can also crush ice cubes without
missing a step. In just one or two 20-second blends it can
turn an ice cube or two into the kind of crushed ice that
becomes a smooth and cool element of the blend.
“The minute we decided to make it portable,” says Blendi
CEO Jonathan Katz, “we knew it would be crazy to expect
to always have crushed ice handy. Cubes transport beter,
so we made sure our blenders could crush them.”
The BLENDi Pro+ 17-ounce portable blender ($59.99) can
handle vegetables, fresh, dried or frozen fruits (cut into
sensible sizes), many kinds of liquid ingredients (water,
milk, oil, vinegar, fruit juices and more), yogurt, ice cream
or sherbet (let them soften), powders, cereal, even
chocolate (and other) chips.
The new BLENDi X 24-ounce portable blender ($79.99) is today’s largest ice-crushing portable blender. It’s
faster at 20,000 RPM and it adds a pulse mode.


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