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BLENDi Pro - Blend Whenever, Wherever

99 Recipe Book


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Cut the Cord on Blending


Blend whenever, wherever you want! The BLENDi Pro allows you to be able to crush ice, blend fruit, and cut up leafy greens.

Being able to have healthy meals just got a whole lot easier. Take the BLENDi with you in the car, to work, to the game, or even on vacation. Its lightweight and cordless design are perfect for meals on the GO!


What You Get

  • 6 Stainless Steel Blades: Blend anything from powders to even ice in just 10 seconds
  • Volume Measurements: The volume markings on our BPA free cup make it easy to follow or create your own recipes
  • Blade Cover: This allows you to cover the blades whenever you have your BLENDi in water bottle form.
  • Water Bottle Base: Converts your blender into a water bottle
  • Rechargeable: Get up to 15 blends in one charge
  • Safe: BPA-free & FDA-approved plastic
  • Durable: Passed the 6ft drop test

CNN: "The Blendi Pro is a purchase that’s worth it for the convenience it provides...Being able to take and use the Blendi Pro while out and about makes it a super-convenient kitchen device. It’s great if you’re a fitness fanatic who wants a nice, smooth protein shake or a student looking to make healthy breakfasts from the dorm."

        What You Get

        Complete BLENDi Package
        - Premium Package
        - Blending base
        - Water bottle conversion base
        - Blade cover (NEW BLENDi Pro+ only)
        - Charger
        - Lanyard
        - 17.5 oz BPA free cup.

        How to use

        How to Use your BLENDi 

        Video Guide


        Before using the BLENDi for the first time, make sure the battery is fully charged (it will display "FU" aka FULL). Do not charge past “FU” and or past 5 hours. CRITICAL. Next, rinse out the BLENDi by putting water in and turning on the BLENDi.

        Step 1: Remove lid and put ingredients into BLENDi. We suggest not filling it past the BLENDi logo on the plastic container to avoid the "ER" error.

        Step 2: After adding ingredients and liquid of choice, make sure there's room left on top. Hit the button to start blending.

        Step 3:  It might take 1 or 3 blends depending on the contents you put in the BLENDi. If you get an "ER" code it might mean it's too full. Regardless, you can keep pressing the power button to blend.

        Step 4: To properly clean the BLENDi you can either hand wash with dish soap, or blend up dish soap and water. You also can put the plastic container and top in the dishwasher. DO NOT put the blending base in the dishwasher.


        More Info: BLENDi is NOT liable for any customer's mal-use or accident that occurs with the BLENDi. Let this guide serve as the extent to how to use your BLENDi. If you have any questions on how to use your BLENDi, please email


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        1-2 Day handling/processing time

        Return policy

        We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We also offer replacements within that 60-day window. However If your BLENDi is in perfect working condition we do not offer returns. 


        If Purchased on Third Party Site.

        We do not offer any refund or replacements through our website if you purchased on a third party website. Please contact website/store you purchased it from. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 510 reviews
        Christopher Craig
        Great Product!

        Since getting my BLENDI I have used it daily. I am very active going from one place to another, and having a blendi after a workout session is a game-changer! I put some frozen fruit in the cup prior to the workout so when I finish my lift I can easily add my protein and liquid then I'm good to go! This helps me get protein and food simultaneously. I love this product, very happy! I would recommend this to anyone with an active lifestyle!

        Stacey Aguilar
        Perfect for Me!

        I got this because I wanted to save money on buying smoothies but didn’t want to have to take out (and clean) a large blender if I’m only making them for me.

        This little thing is quite powerful and gets the job done!!

        It charges within a couple of hours and I’ve gotten many uses out of that single charge and have yet to need to recharge it.

        There are only a couple of components which are easy to put together and easy to clean (which is always a plus for me).

        As far as blending, it does well but can struggle if you put too much in starting out or don’t start with liquid.

        Start with liquid first to help facilitate the process and have it go as smoothly as possible. I also found that I would need to add a few small things and blend that first before adding more fruits/greens, blend a bit more, and then add the rest.

        One thing I would also suggest for others if you’re using frozen fruit is that you let it defrost a little bit before blending. It’ll be way easier on the blender and result in a better beverage.

        For some the added steps might be a deal breaker but for me, it’s not an issue at all.

        Over all, I’m very happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to use it more!!

        LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

        Highly recommend this blender!!
        I am so impressed with this purchase. I know what my go to gift will be this year!! My daughter wants to give these to all of her friends as a graduation gift!
        Great quality and blends perfectly!

        K. Matthews
        Love The Product!

        Blendi allows me to remain consistent with my breakfast protein shakes when I travel. Prior to this purchase, I would either not have my shake or have to purchase one from a local vendor in an unfamiliar city. Awesome product!!


        I seen this product on the TAM TAM FAMILY and brought it and it works wonderful and I Told my brother and sister and they purchase the product. I'm so happy I got this product.LOVE IT

        Cut the Cord on Traditional Blending

        Since 2016, we're the first truly portable blender to cut the cord on traditional blending

        • Water Bottle Conversion

          With the water bottle conversion base, you can detach the blending base and just use your BLENDi as a water bottle

        • Blade Cover

          Our NEW addition allows you to be even safer and cover the blades when you convert your BLENDi to a water bottle

        • The Full Package

          - 17.5 oz. BPA free plastic cup

          - Blending Base

          - Water bottle Conversion Base

          - Charger Cord

          - Blade Cover

        • Ice Crushing Power

        • No Outlet Required

        • BPA FREE

        • FREE 2-3 Day Shipping

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        • The Blendi is truly the way of the future for blending!

          I recently purchased a blender from BLENDI and i truly cant say enough good things about it, Its so sleek and aero dynamic I truly love it. If I am running late, toss some fruit in, some milk and protein powder and I have a healthy breakfast smoothie.

        • Covid unit loves Blendi

          I purchased a Blendi and love thst I can make a quick smoothie while on the run in our COVID unit
          Wish I could purchase several for our unit Somedays we don’t even have time to eat and the Blendi was a great addition to my day thanks for making such a awsome product !

        • LOVE IT!

          Ordered this for my daughter and she absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for providing such a great product.

        No More Clumpy Mixes

        I started BLENDi out of my college dorm because I was sick of clumpy protein shakes at the gym post workout. My shaker bottle just wasn't cutting it. I wanted to replicated my at home blending experience but in the convenience of my water bottle. 2 year and many prototypes later, I created the BLENDi.

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