How can I use my BLENDi?

  • Blend Powders

    No more clumpy mixes from your shaker bottle. The BLENDi gurantees smooth mixes every time

  • Crush Ice

    BLENDi will can crush up to 6 ice cubes per 20 second blend

  • Blend Fruits & Veggies

    Blend up fresh and frozen fruits and veggies

  • Make Salad Dressing

    Make salad dressings in your BLENDi to save on calories from other processed dressings.

  • Use as a Waterbottle

    Dont want to carry or drink from the blending base, no worries! With our extra attachment we give you, the BLENDi fully converts into a water bottle

  • Use as Storage Container

    With each BLENDi comes two attachments to come together to form a storage container. Carry your powders and other items in your storage container