The Best Travelling Blender

The Best Travelling Blender

BLENDi Anywhere, Anytime!

In the fast paced world we live in, it can be hard to stay healthy and to be on the go all the time. Whether you are a student going to class, or an investment banker going to work. No matter where you are, the BLENDi can be there too. Its sleek, lightweight design will make you feel excited to take your BLENDi with you and show it to the world. Make a smoothie on your commute to work, have a margarita on a beach, or even make protein shakes for working out. No matter where you are traveling, you can bring your blender with you with BLENDi.

BLENDi makes it easy for the consumer to store and travel anywhere you want with it. The BLENDi’s Traveling cup design is air-tight to help keep your ingredients fresh. This helps to reduce the amount of oxidation that can happen on sliced fruit when left out. This gives you the freedom to travel with your BLEDNi and blend anywhere. If you do not desire to carry the entire BLENDi with you, it comes with a water bottle conversion. I love the water bottle conversion. When I go from class to class, it is lightweight and fits into the side of my backpack. , it is the best travel blender cup. The best feature of using the BELNDi is the ability to give your smoothie a quick stir after sitting for a while. This allows you to always have the ability to have the best smoothie when you are on the go.

When looking for a travel blender there are a lot of options, none of which compete with the BLENDi. Unlike the competition, the BLENDi has the ability to spin at 25,000 r/min. There is no other portable blender that is this efficient. The BLENDi can crush ice in 10 seconds! That is incredible out of a traveling blender. BLENDi also makes safety a top priority with such a powerful product. Most portable blenders are able to operate without being inside the bottle. With BLENDi, there is a default two-step safety protocol built-in. A BLENDi will not blend if the base does not detect the bottle attached to the base. The BLENDi also requires you to hold the power button to start the blend. This makes it the best travel-size blender.

Why waste time and money on bad smoothies and cheap portable blenders? BLENDi comes in the original 13 oz and they even offer a Pro version with 18 oz. That is the largest traveling blender you can find! You will be able to enjoy a fresh smoothie anytime, anywhere! In the fast pace of the day to day life, BLENDi has the ability to blast all day and blend up to 15 times in one charge. With the original starting at $49.99, you would be crazy to get anything but the BLENDi.


Author: Benjamin Fach